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2017 Medical Outreach Ukwa LGA

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Our Medical Outreach program is aimed at reaching the unreachable, (those in the rural areas) to create awareness in the community, to educate the community on health and well-being, and to provide relevant medical intervention needed.


General Practice

The clinic focuses on providing non-emergency outpatient care that's routine or preventive. Before each patient sees the G.P, they meet with nurses for some pre-screening checks, for example, blood pressure etc. Some other severe cases were sent to the laboratory clinic for the relevant test to be performed to enable the GPs to make proper diagnosis depending on individual cases. Our general clinic also signposts patients to appropriate services and treat all common medical conditions and refer patients to hospitals and other medical services for urgent and specialist treatment.

Eye Clinics

Our Ophthalmologists are doctors who care for patients with eye conditions. They diagnose, treat and prevent disorders of the eyes and visual system. Over the years, this clinic has observed a high number of cataract cases requiring immediate attention. Surgical cases and chronic illness were referred to tertiary center to access free surgery.

Pediatric Clinic

Our pediatricians have supported children as young as 8 months old of age. Most children presented as vitamin deficient and each received vitamin C and B complex and parents were advised to monitor their vitamin levels and educated on the consequences of vitamin deficiencies. Other services provided within this clinic include:
- surveillance of kidney disease in children, using urine dipstick testing kit.
- Nutritional assessment of children using auxology.

Free surgical clinic

Our team of trained volunteer surgeons provide a surgical clinic after consultation where appropriate and safe facilities are available. We provide minor surgery based on observations from the general clinic of our outreach program. Past cases presented with Hernias, ganglions and Lipoma etc. Where there are more surgery cases than we can support, we have referred the urgent cases to hospitals to attend for assistance.


Overall the pharmacy role is to ensure safe and effective use of medications, which may include determining whether a medication order (prescription) is safe and appropriate for a given patientOur pharmacy clinic is filled with volunteer pharmacists who organise, process and dispense over the counter medications and prescriptions from the medical professionals on the outreach. As always, malaria tablets are highly prescribed followed by antibiotics to treat common infections. They also dispense health leaflets alongside certain medication to further educate people on the effects of their medication.

Help us achieve this goal

We hope to be able to reach more communities around the world and continue to provide free healthcare, surgery and after care to all urgent medical cases. Our aim is to save lives, starting from the ground up and through meeting basic needs.

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Our Medical Outreach programme is aimed at reaching the unreachable, (those in the rural areas) . . .

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