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Acts of Radical Kindness (ARK) Outreach is a registered Christian charity organisation in Ireland [CRO 670878, RCN 20206605] and Nigeria. It was established in 2016 with the heart and the passion to reach the less privileged in rural communities in Africa i.e. low-income earners, orphaned children, basically those in need. The now established mission promotes the importance of public health, mental wellness through the provision of education and training opportunities.

The first free medical outreach trip was in 2017, when a team of 3 people from Ireland travelled to Nigeria and joined over 30 medical and non-medical professionals to serve over a thousand individuals. These first-hand accounts from the returning team highlighted the issues and struggles faced by people in the developing countries and birthed a desire to reach out and impact lives.

ARK Outreach has now been running for many years, sending medical teams, supporting vulnerable people, orphanages, paying hospital bills for families that cannot afford to pay their hospital bills. We have also initiated mental health awareness programmes and plan to expand this to include Ireland.

ARK Outreach has also built-up contacts with friends and partners in Ireland and other organizations abroad. Our main goal is to care for people and impact their lives through love, compassion, and action and addressing issues such as access to healthcare, disease prevention, and health education.

Our Vision and Mission


​Our vision is that people in need are offered a glimmer of hope and opportunities to reach what once seemed hopeless. We believe everyone has a right to survive and thrive: to be healthy, protected, free from poverty and to be educated and most importantly come to know our Lord Jesus Christ in a deep and personal way.


Our mission is to support and bring lasting hope to the vulnerable in rural communities and the global society. We value supporting the holistic needs (emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual) within disadvantaged communities so they can embrace this world as contributing members of society.

Our Values


We value connection and aim to create a safe environment for individuals across the lifespan to gain support and live fulfilling lives.


We also link disadvantaged individuals with hospitals where they can receive subsided care.


We are passionate about positive community based projects that empower development in low socio-economic communities. We help increase physical and mental health awareness within communities through our free annual medical outreach. We want to demystify mental health within certain communities and reduce the stigma of engaging with services when in need.


Each year, we are privileged to receive financial support from companies like Tesco Ireland, churches, schools which allow us to be able to reach more communities. We welcome support from large and small partners to demonstrate their commitment to global change and make an impact around the world. Companies and employees can collaborate with us to organize unique workplace campaigns and events. We welcome all support and report the outcome of each outreach to our sponsors.

Why not support us today and join the cause to provide quality preventative and educative healthcare in less privileged communities around the world.

We have supported 5k+ people in Africa

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